Sunday, August 08, 2010

"Foreign to Native for iPad iPhone" was improved


On iPhone, iPad, and PC,
For english learners, other language learners, spanish, chinese, etc ...
If you touch a word, a translation pop-up!
It's free.

■ An improvement

(1) Speedup 10 times. Server load was reduced.

It is moved a conversion processing of the html from php program to the C language.
(in the above in time for 60 seconds be completed in around 1 second)

(2) Translate the link ahead

■ Known problems

The top page of MLB cannot display menus.
(URL is operated in a javascript)

The URL link can't jump in Google news
(URL is operated in a javascript)

no support the inside of iframe

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

'No Click' button

A joke of WEB !

If it is said that do not click this button; it is a human feeling to click it.

If you like to use the button.

see here

Sunday, August 01, 2010

How to use "Foreign to Native for iPad iPhone"

"Foreign to Native for iPad iPhone" is :

Word translation for foreign language learners.
Word reason is given when you touch a word on any site.

Here, I show an operation sample.

(A) Service URL

Then we can see the next picture.
(But the red color lines is my comments.)
Select some lists, or paste any foreign URL.
And set the source language and the destination language.
And click "submit".

THis is translated sample of "USA TODAY".
Almost same as original.
But links were changed from text to ICON image.

Click any word, then popup !
(The sample is "ENGLISH = JAPANESE".)