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How to use "Foreign Mom Next for iPad iPhone PC"

Foreign Mom Next for iPad iPhone PC

How to use

start screen

Basic operation
It is simple.
Choose an option, paste URL, click a "submit" button.

translate object options
eBook, NewsSome electronic books, a news site
IETF RFCThe Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments (RFC)
Any favorite URLTranslate the URL of your preference site.
Eight histories are usable when you purchase a product key.
Your textWhen you translate your favorite foreign language, you input it into here.
This is usable when you purchase a product key.
Any favorite URL cannot translate a site with the password,
When it looks like it, please use this function.

Direction of translation
Please choose a foreign language and a native language.

- The system changes the link of the original site to an icon, so, you can translate the letter in the link, too.
- There is the site linking from the original site. When you click it, and a screen changes, the system can translate this.
- The system can adjust a viewport screen size from PCs site to iPhone size.

The system use an user ID (15 columns of numbers) of FACEBOOK to identify you.
Please log in when you purchase the product key and use all functions of the vocabulary notebook.

Purchase the product key

When you purchase a product key, please log in to FACEBOOK earlier.
The purchase screen appeares when you click a "purchase" button of the start screen.
Click a button of "PayPal" to continue purchase.

Purchase the product key(cont.)

A screen changes. Let's log in to PayPal. Let's do contents confirmation.
The purchase is settled when you click the button "pay" with a last confirmation screen of the order.
A screen is replaced, and a product key is set automatically afterwards.
The product key is stored in cookie of the WEB browser.
There is a threat that you delete a cookie by the elimination of the reading history of the browser.
You will put down a product key just to make sure.
Validity of the product key is one year. The re-purchase is necessary one year later.

start screen(you paid)

When you paid, most of the start screens are the same.
At first please log in to FACEBOOK to validate all functions.

After login(you paid)

When you paid, and login FACEBOOK, you can confirm or set the product key.
You can use this with one product key up to 4 terminals, iPad, iPhone, PC...

The URL histories increase to eight.
You can translate your foreign language text to paste.

Operation example

1. Paste the URL of the site that you want to translate into a any favorite URL column.
2. Click a "submit" button.

Translation example

It is the screen example of the result that it translated.
The original is just displayed.
Please touch the word which you do not understand the meaning.

Link (A tag) is changed for the icon.
When you display link ahead, please touch an icon.

Popup translation

When you touch the word, the word, its translation, the sentence with it and translation popup.
The word, its translation, the sentence with it and translation will be automatically transferred to a vocabulary notebook.

Only one translation of the word is displayed.
If there is many sentences with the word in the paragraph, the first sentence will be choiced.
The translation of the sentence is not always correct.

Vocabulary notebook

Click the "Show" button of the vocabulary notebook in the start screen to display a vocabulary notebook.

In the a vocabulary notebook screen,
You can change the number of words to display,
you can start the quiz,
you can change vocabulary notebook contents,
you can upload / download vocabulary notebook to / from server.

change the number of words to display
The number of words to display is set by 'from when', 'before how many days' and 'up to how much words'.

The displayed languages are as same as the origin language and the translate language in the start screen.

The total capacity that can memorize is 5[MB].(It is specifications of html5)
When we suppose that 500[B] per one word, the maximum is about 10,000 words.
When capacity is short, you cannot add a word to the vocabulary notebook.
When number of the record words is over 5,000, a button deleting old 20% of words comes to be displayed.
(A charged product key is necessary for the change the number of words to display)

start the quiz
When you choose the kind of the quiz and click a "quiz" button, quiz screen comes.
The questions range of the quiz become from words displaying now.
If there is a product key, up to 100 quiz are given.
If there is not a product key, 1 quiz is given.
Please really try it what kind of thing a quiz is.

word quizThree translation is given in one word. Choose a correct answer.
The system needs more than or euqal 3 words in the vocabulary notebook.
translation quizThree words are given for one translation. Choose a correct answer.
The system needs more than or euqal 3 words in the vocabulary notebook.
spelling quizInput the spelling of the word about translation. The hint of the alphabet is given.
composition quizComposition about translation. The hint of the word is given.

(When there is not a product key, the quiz is only 1)

change vocabulary notebook contents
When you click a number column, youcan delete the word.

You can edit the date, the word, the translation, the example sentence and the translated sentence.

You can change whether you mastered the word with a master column.
The word that you mastered does not become the object of the quiz.

You can add a word originally.

(When there is not a product key, you cannot change it)

upload / download
The vocabulary notebook is stored in the browser inside.
You can upload this vocabulary notebook to the server.
In addition, you can return data from a server to a browser by a download.

The mode is 'append' or 'overwrite'.
appendappend new words or revised words to the destination.
The word only in the destination is kept.
overwriteAfter words in the destination deleted, then the data from source is placed.
You have a danger of deleting old data in the destination by mistake.
Therefore, it usually becomes inactive.

By upload, you can backup your vocabulary notebook to follow from the disappearance accident of reading history elimination by the browser.

You can connect vocabulary notebooks by uploading and downloading with a append mode at plural terminals, iPad, iPhone, PC.

(When there is not a product key, you cannot use it)

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