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This is a sample of the New KOUSHIRYOKU Labo.

KOUSHIRYOKU Laboratory Ltd.

Enjoy studying on the net

Yaruben is a WEB service for high scool sdudents joyfully to study many subjects by theirself. Of course, adult doing its best is hearty welcome.(Some functions are paid. only japanese.)
Foreign Mom Next
Popup translation for foreign language learners on any web site. It automatically makes the vocabulary notebook for you. You can improve the learning efficiency by the quiz.(Some functions are paid.)
Dictation Tool
Dictation is an effective study method to get the ability of the foreign language. Unlimites automatic repeats in any placess. for any MP3/M4V on local/WEB.(Free)
 YARUBEN's exercise of calculation
The list of YARUBEN's exercise of calculation. Please use for improvement of the calculation power.(Some functions are paid. only japanese)
 English pronunciations
It's a page of notes on English pronunciation. There are also links to videos.(Free, only Japanese)
 The English words count of Japanese High School Textbooks
This report shows the words count in Japanese High School Textbooks.(Free, only Japanese)
 Free Format Calculator
You can calculate your free text string! With Math functions and gcd, lcm, reduction, fraction, prime factors, sum, average, standardDeviation... for all students. (Free)
 A mathematics demonstration angle of circumference
This is the demonstration that you feel that an angle of circumference is constant intuitively.(Free)
 Words count of NCFUEE
NCFUEE is 'National Center For University Entrance Examination' in Japan. This report shows the words count in the English examination.(Free, only Japanese)
 Yaruben draw by PHP programing
'Yaruben draw' is a sub part of Yaruben. You can easy draw math-graphs or math-geometries by a short PHP program.(Free. only japanese)

 The English words count of Tokyo University entrance examination
This report shows the words count of Tokyo University entrance Engish examination.(Free, only Japanese)
 PHP Math Publisher in Yaruben
The demo of PHP Math Publisher in Yaruben extended by KOUSHIRYOKU Lab. If you want to see the exptended specifications plase see Japanese help.(Free)

Handmade Gallery

Knitting Restaurant

Joyful services

 'No Click!' button
A joke of WEB: How to use 'No Click!' button. There is the example in the lower part of this page.(Free)
A beep sounds after sepcified seconds. In other words it is a kitchen timer.(Free) (sound by TAM Music Factory,
 entity references
Character entity references in HTML 4(Free)

Security services

 The last will keeping place
Entrust password of PC safely with encryption. Family is notified as the one. (Free)
 My Love Will Server
'My Love Will Server' is an ASP service for consultants of last will and testament. (paid. only japanese)
 Encryption for WEB
Encrypt email or text safely and easily. (Free)
 OpenSSL on WEB
OpenSSL can be easily used from browser. CA certificate, 100 User certificate. (Free)


KOUSHIRYOKU Laboratory Ltd.

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