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The essence of the teachings of the Buddha

The essence of the teachings of the Buddha

Happiness, Goodness, Life

1 Better Goodness make more people happy than other.
2 Sharing joy becomes doubled, Sharing grief becomes half.
3 Each person's life may be different.

Religious Merit

1 Noble Eightfold Path gives you Goodness without Suffering
2 made Goodness without Suffering, view goodwill and pleasure in everything

four Buddhist virtues, Brahmavihara

1 Kindness give people Joy and Fun
2 Compassion erase Suffering of people by sympathy
3 Empathetic Rejoice together the joy of people
4 Equanimity contribute to people calmly
Noble Eightfold Path, to enlightenment

1 Right view Looking at everything as they really are.
2 Right emotion Joy, fun, thanks
3 Right speech Talk honestly with kind words
4 Right action Profession for the welfare of the people
5 Right life Health-full, Love-full to people, family, wife, husband and oneself
6 Right effort Fair play forward to higher targets
7 Right mindfulness Occupy one's mind with the work to do now
8 Right relaxation Always calm serene mood

Contribute without money

1 Body Help troubled people
2 Heart give Joy and Fun, erase Suffering of people
3 Eye Always friendly eyes
4 Face Always gentle smile
5 Talk Warm words of sympathy
6 Yield give way to vulnerables and esteemed
7 Welcome treat and hospitality to person

Ten bad sins

1 Killing Kill human, Recklessly kill creatures
2 Thief Thief, unfairness
3 Bad sex Affair, suffering wife, husband and family
4 Lie Lie, Fool, Concealment of bad
5 Duplicity be double‐tongued
6 Abuse Foul language, abusive person, backbiting
7 Twaddle Excessive talk, cheap flattery
8 Greed greed, obsession, jealousy
9 Anger Anger, fear, bitterness, hatred, bullying
10 Wrong view stupid mistake, superstition

four and eight sufferings, want to escape

1 Birth Beginning of pleasure and pain
2 Old Ageing
3 Disease Illness or injury
4 Death Death
5 Separation Separation of lovers
6 Grudge Resentment, Anger, bitterness, hatred, jealousy
7 Can't get can't obtain requested things
8 survival instincts Hunger and thirst, others

by Room to study happiness(Only Japanese)

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